How do I add a job?

Simply Login as an Employer, and once logged in, head to 'My Jobs' in the top right hand corner.

You should then be taken to the screen below

Select 'Add New Job' and a pop up will show similar to the following:

You will not be able to complete and create the job unless you have successfully completed your office profiles. Office profiles must be added prior to adding a job. To find out how to do that, click here.

Once you have selected the relevant office and clicked 'Create Job', you should be shown with the following screen:

In order to add detail to the job, click 'Edit Job'. You can add text boxes and images in the same way as editing the main profile. 

To see how to do add text boxes, click here.
To see how to add images, click here.

We recommend using the following as a guideline surrounding content:

Once you're ready to go live and you have included all the information recommended, simply click 'Go Live' on the main profile, and also enable your jobs too by selecting 'Set Job Live'.

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