How do I create a job video?

To create a fabulous 30 second video which includes images pulled from your Hunted image gallery, simply follow these simple steps:

Once logged in, click on 'My Jobs' and you will see the following screen:

In the top right hand corner you will see 'Job Videos'. Click on this, and it will take you to the following screen:

In the bottom left hand corner you will see 'Create Video'. Click on this. You will then be taken to the Video Creator which is just 5 simple steps. 

Here, you can select the suitable job that you want to create a video for. Then press Next.

Please note, you can only create videos for jobs that have been  set live.

Insert some snappy text about your top USPs as a business or about the role itself (only limited to 50 characters).

Continue completing the same steps 3 more times until you are completed.

On the final step, proof check the text and images, then click 'Create Video'.

Our robots will then put together your video. You'll receive an email letting you know when the video is ready (it normally takes max 5 mins).

You'll then find your video ready for download under 'My Jobs' then by clicking on 'Job Videos'. 

Here will show you videos that have been created. To download the videos, click the downward arrow. 

This will be saved to your computer under ‘Downloads’.

How to share on LinkedIn:
On the LinkedIn homepage, press the 'Share Video' option in the box which says, 'Share an article, photo, video or idea' and upload the downloaded video from your computer. Create a great story surrounding key USPs of your business being a great employer and click 'Post'. 

Make sure you insert the link for the job URL as a call to action.

Once you've posted this on LinkedIn, share the URL with our team by posting it in the chatbot in the bottom right hand corner (or emailing The team at Hunted will like your post to drive views to your post.


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