What is the best way to maximise response and coverage on jobs?

The important thing to explain first off is that unlike a "traditional job board" you're not going to be getting 100s of applications a week.

The longer you are live, the more often recruiters will see your profile, the more applications you will receive. You're not getting the "spray and pray" applications types. Candidates using Hunted tend to be more researched and might view your profile several times before making an application.

With this in mind we recommend switching up pictures (particularly the header images) and content regularly to keep them clicking through and learning about your business.

We also recommend sharing a Linkedin post from your account linking to your Hunted profile. Tag @Hunted in it and the whole team will like and share hitting a network of 60,000+ recruiters.

Every time you put a new job live, re-share it and keep it fresh!

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